Hot and sexy Colombian ladies pose for you

What motivates Colombian Women in Dating? Love, Family or Money?

Why is that beautiful Colombian woman in your dreams, hopefully on your arm and in your life? Here are a few possibilities. 1. Lack of Good Men in Colombia Is she disillusioned with the ever ongoing infidelities and lack of child rearing desire common in Latin American men? It’s possible that she is looking for a honest man with a job and housing that is not a drug addict, and can’t find one? 2. Travel, Adventure, Money Does she dream of traveling the world, seeing Disneyland, Las Vegas, driving a shiny car, having hot water and cable tv with HBO and Showtime? Does she dream of shopping in a store bigger than a house? 3. Lack of Basic Shelter, Food, Clothing needs Forget air-conditioning. Most Colombianas can live without cold air, or hot water. Are they not hot blooded? However, it is possible that her goals and desires are more focused on being married and living in the USA in a recently painted house whose roof doesn’t leak. If she comes from a smaller town and a poor family, having her basic needs met of food, shelter, clothing, and love may be all she has ever dreamt of. 3. True Love Are you her shining White Knight whose heart she loves and adores? This is very possible. Does she laugh at all of your jokes? Is she respectful to you? Many Colombian Women have a very sweet and tender nature. American men are seen as being lovable – perceived as honest and with open and loving hearts. 3. Stability and Family If she has children, it is very possible that she been searching for a stable man with a good heart with whom she plans to build a loving family with. You may be the man to give her children a better future. 4. Money and Greed Are you her ever handy ATM Machine? If you ares ending her money by MoneyGram or Western Union, are all her relatives and sisters needing things every week, or getting sick? You may be one of several Gringos she has on the line. Here’s a question: Does she ask you for new shoes or a cell phone every time you have sex? These are all possibilities.

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